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Our transpersonal counselling* sessions are designed to equip and support you to engage in your own personal healing journey.  Typical ‘personal’ problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Recovery from addictions, substance abuse and co-dependence
  • Dealing with unexpected job loss, loss of a love and other life-transitions
  • Trauma induced spiritual awakenings or psychic and spiritual openings
  • Stress reactions

… become invitations to discover a way through the injury; inviting us to step beyond  limited or habitual response to our circumstances by drawing on the wisdom of all of who we are: body, heart, mind and spirit.



Counselling* Sessions often integrate Dr Beth Hedva’s 5-Step Spiritually Directed Therapy Protocol for Recovery from Trauma, which was developed by Dr Hedva at the request of the Indonesian Psychlogy Association in response to the SE Asian Tsunami Disaster. Certified in Trauma Recovery Training, Dr Beth Hedva and her evidence-based therapy integrates embodied awareness and cross-cultural spiritual healing traditions with best practices in psychology. Her results were presented at the United Nations Symposium on Human Rights Violations and Recovery: Body, Mind Spirit Practices.


  Spiritually Directed Therapy Protocol

Individual Counselling Sessions Coach you to:

1. CONNECT with inner and outer healing resources: Use breath work, energy work, embodied awareness and inner spiritual resources to heal body, heart, mind and spirit.
2. OBSERVE and become mindful of stress reactions–shock, crisis, grief and mourning or mental health concerns- to awaken insight and resilience in yourself and others.
3. DEEP LISTENING: Listen to yourself and others with your whole body, heart and soul. Share feelings. Practice having compassion for yourself and others.
4. ENGAGE creativity and intuition to explore the wisdom in your body sensations, thoughts and feelings, to awaken insight, value, personal meaning and to gain  Self-directed inner guidance on next steps for your  healing and  self-care
5. EMPOWER  Self-care for yourself and others by  sharing what helps over what hurts and being a model of self care for others in your community and environment.


*Counseling is spelled with one ‘L’ in the USA and two in Canada. We use both.

A wide range of therapeutic techniques may be employed to assist in this process ranging from: spiritually directed therapy and embodied awareness to cognitive and behavioral approaches, strategic brief therapy; family therapy, gestalt, existential therapies, Jungian symbolic process, interpersonal therapies that enhance communication skills; expressive arts therapies and or play therapy with children, as well as possibly using more intuitive tools such as astrology, tarot, dream work and other ancient and vibrational healing methods (stones, crystals, colors, aromas, guided imagery, energy work, breath work and meditation training).

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