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According to many experts, the leading cause of separation and divorce is communication problems. Sessions train you to listen to yourself and your partner by learning to listen with your whole body, not just your ears. You will gain the tools you need to discover the kind and quality of relationship that best expresses the love that brought you together—be that as friends, lovers, parenting partners, life-mates, business partners, partners on a path of growth, transformation or closure –or a combination of these.

Gain specific tools and techniques to step into new ways of relating:

  • Step 1: Identify Blocks and barriers to intimacy, communication and connection
  • Step 2: Look within and explore your values, needs and expectations
  • Step 3: Accept yourself and your partner—your differences and similarities
  • Step 4: Learn new communication and negotiation skills to come to win-win solutions instead of engaging in power-struggles when differences arise
  • Step 5: Practice concrete exercises and homework to restore trust; deepen emotional connection; enhance physical intimacy; establish reciprocity and partnership within your relationship
  • Step 6: Explore and envision the next step for your relationship, children and or family
  • Step 7: Create a personalize action play and course-correct as needed
Relationship expert and former Readers Digest Canada “Ask the Expert”, Dr Beth Hedva understands that love brings us to each other for “a reason, a season or a life-time”. Trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr Hedva is committed to helping you discover what is true for you and your relationship. If appropriate, Dr Hedva will help you develop a divorce or separation ritual that may include ‘uncoupling ceremonies’ to support healing ways to end relationships as a part of the counselling.



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